The Brief:

Central Primary School in Watford approached us to film a promotional piece for prospective parents. They were also looking to update their website so we were asked to take new photographs for it.

The Solution:

Central Primary is a hugely diverse school with over 50 different languages spoken. Keen to celebrate this, our concept began with the staff welcoming viewers in different dialects. It then showcases the school’s curriculum with narration and classroom activities and finishes with some children saying their motto’ Children are Central’ also in multiple languages. This together with the photography was shot across 2 days.

It has been great working with Stone Creative design in order to complete a video and new website photos to showcase our school. They went above and beyond to ensure that the final products were exactly what we were hoping for, and they exceeded our expectations. All work was completed in a non intrusive way so that we were able to highlight what actually happens on a day to day basis at the school. I can’t recommend them enough.

Katy Devenport, Headmistress

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