The Brief:

Londinium PR are a team of public relations consultants. They came to us to create a logo, branding, brand guidelines and a website.

The Solution:

Whilst this was a newly formed company the emphasis, as the company name suggests should evoke a sense of history, location and prestige. The colour palette and fonts were deliberately authoritative and the logo itself has connotations of a crown, roman numerals and a historic feel, yet could also be considered to be showing people sat around a table discussing, which is very much part of Londinium’s work.

We met with and photographed the team, which adds a sense of personalisation and interest to their bespoke website. The site is responsive and was built using a content management system allowing the client to update it themselves.

We also provided them with a set of brand guidelines to ensure their brand is consistent going forward.

Branding Web design and build Photography

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