The Brief:

We were asked by Adam Leventhal (Sky Sports) through his publishing company, Tales From to design a new book cover entitled Rocket Men.


Rocket Men charts the journey of Luther Blissett, Ross Jenkins, Ian Bolton and Steve Sherwood, the only men to play in all four divisions during Watford FC’s incredible rise under Graham Taylor that started in the late 1970’s. The book cover was illustrated in a comic fashion being that their journey was not unlike something out of ‘Roy of the Rovers’. We added elements to the illustration that we hoped Watford fans would spot the more they looked at the cover. The flames and smoke that emit from the rocket forms the antlers of the clubs iconic hart that sits on the badge and the window of the rocket was shaped to emulate the badge itself.

Aside from this we photographed the first private meeting of the four ‘Rocket Men’ in twenty years or more. These images and the book cover graphics formed the basis of social media marketing for the book sold out launch event at Watford Palace Theatre. We shot this evening as well as the accompanying press tour at the BBC, Sky Sports and Talk Sport Radio.

Graphic Design Branding Illustration

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