The brief:

We were asked by Adam Leventhal (Sky Sports) and his publishing company, Tales From to design a new book entitled the A-Z of Watford FC.

The Solution:

Tales From encouraged supporters on social media to give their suggestions for each letter within this book. With that in mind, our concept was to individually photograph 26 supporters around the football ground on a match-day holding a board with a letter of the alphabet on.

To compliment the photographic approach, we created a bespoke typeface which we based on the iconic Watford FC scoreboard from the 1980’s and designed each one of the 116 pages in-house. We wanted the book to have a very different feel and purposely opted for a two colour print run in the yellow and black associated with Watford FC.

We also produced promotional graphics including posters and visuals to be used in various social media channels.

Graphic Design Illustration Photography Social media

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